TDW 2014 (Official video / 公式動画)

Neoindígena: Proyecto 2015 TDW
Inspirados en el arte neoindigenista mexicano, los alumnos de la licenciatura en Diseño de Moda y Calzado de CIME MODA, presentaron una colección para caballero en el Tokyo Designers Week 2015, en Japón.

Guadalajara, México. 23 de octubre de 2014.

Vanguard is tomorrow, the new, the future.

And no matter that sometimes tomorrow does not look flattering we will always have hope for a brighter and full of life future. We think that something will protect us.

In this Tokio Designers Week edition we present the collection  "Los Nagualijes" a fusion of Nahuales and Alebrijes. 

The Nahuales were those human-companion and protector spirits according to the legends before the Conquest. They belong to the intangible, light, and supernatural real.

The Alebrijes are creatures dreamed by Pedro Linares. Most of the time they’re animals of defined shape, but sometimes they show themselves as a mixture of creatures.

Thus, the presented collection are chimeras that are guarding and protecting our hearts, dreams and deepest fears. They are monsters for those outsider viewers but light for the carrier.
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